The Best Carpet For Your Home or Business

If you’re looking for professional and reliable carpet layers on the Central Coast, look no further than Factory Direct Carpets! Our team of highly experienced tradespeople are here to help you with the selection and installation of carpet that will look and feel the best in your home. Advanced technology now makes it possible for carpet to not only feel warm and soft but also offer specific features based upon your interior situation.

Popular Types of Carpet

Many homeowners opt for plush, textured carpets that create a dense and luxuriously soft flooring experience. Plush and textured carpets are often considered “whole house” carpets since they are so versatile, practical and comfortable. With daily vacuuming, your carpet will look attractive for many years to come. Patterned loop carpets are also very popular because their combination of cut fibres and loops to create appealing patterns and textures that complement the design and construction of formal and informal rooms alike. Perfect from the living room to the study!

Twisted carpeting, also known as frieze carpet, is another great selection for your home or business. Tightly twisted fibres create a casual and comfortable style that can range in colour from uniform to speckled. Extra durable carpeting is also available for high-traffic commercial areas like office and retail spaces. These flooring products offer the ultimate blend of sophistication, stain and damage resistance and efficiency.

Complete Flooring Solutions at Factory Direct Carpets

Factory Direct Carpets offers high-quality carpeting from a number of brands including Beaulieu Australia, Tuftmaster Carpets and Cavalier Carpets. This wide range of products allows us to offer you the resilience, durability, design and comfort that you deserve. Call us today on 02 4392 6964 or visit us at Charmhaven, NSW to learn more about out our flooring options!