In the time before carpet, vinyl and laminate flooring had been developed, timber was the obvious choice. Today, timber flooring has evolved into the sophisticated art and engineered science of hardwood flooring. Floating Floors in particular have become increasingly popular for their sophisticated appearance and simple installation.

Traditional Timber and Floating Floor Installation in Newcastle

Factory Direct Carpets handles so much more than carpets. We are also timber flooring experts that can guide you to select and install the hardwood that will best complement your home or business. We are fortunate enough to live in Australia, a nation rich in unique native hardwoods that produce some of the most durable and attractive timbers in the world. Equally as important is our partnership with brand names that source the woods from sustainable forests and farms.

Floating floors are engineered with a combination of sophisticated traditional timber and a pre-finished engineered timber that eliminates the sanding and finishing associated with standard installation. Best of all, floating floors look beautiful and can be walked upon immediately after being installed.

A Diverse Timber Selection

Thanks to Australia’s abundant native hardwoods, Factory Direct Carpets is able to offer attractive, strong timber to meet any design specification. From Iron bark, Jarrah and Mahogany to Maple, Oak, Timber and Walnut, we have it all.

Bamboo has become an incredibly popular flooring option thanks to its strong durability, style, variety, and affordability. In fact, bamboo is perceived as an exotic and unique flooring material that is ecologically friendly due to its highly renewable nature. Furthermore, bamboo requires very little maintenance and is easy enough to refinish in the future.

Oak is another stunning flooring option available in a wide range of colours. Our oak is of the highest quality for long term use and we offer a range of design inspiration to accommodate the most modern or traditional spaces.

New Timber Floors, From Start to Finish

Our professional team members at Factory Direct Carpets can help you find and install the timber floor that is perfect for your space. Customer service is always our top priority, so we work to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your new room. Call us or stop in today to learn more about our timber selection and installation services!