Vinyl Flooring That Meets Your Needs

From wet dogs, muddy footprints and messy toddlers to skateboards and spilled soda, there may be many uncontrollable factors in your life that threaten the cleanliness and quality of your flooring. Fortunately, resilient vinyl flooring offers a solution for even the messiest rooms of your home, including the kitchen, living area and mudroom. Vinyl planks, sheets, and tiles are easy to keep clean, durable, unaffected by water, and resistant to dents, stains, and fading. There is no juice sticky enough and no dogs hairy enough to threaten the high quality vinyl flooring available here at Factory Direct Carpets in Newcastle.

Complete Flooring Services in NSW

Factory Direct Carpets prides itself on delivering the best customer service and the highest quality products, which is why we always pair with brand name flooring suppliers that boasts the accreditation’s to prove their commitment to excellence. We pass this excellence on to you in-store and during installation, so don’t hesitate to visit us today!

The Many Benefits of Vinyl Flooring and Installation

Vinyl flooring is also known as resilient flooring thanks to its strength and durability in every situation. Even better, you are able to enjoy this resiliency with any colour, texture and pattern that matches your vision. Vinyl flooring can imitate wood grain, tile, and even marble for a level of luxury and nobody will know it’s cost you significantly less! In addition, resilient and soft vinyl planks, tiles and sheets are always flexible and soft underfoot for your total comfort.

Vinyl For Your Residential Home

At Factory Direct carpets, we offer brand name vinyl to fit your every need, because we believe that the style of your flooring should express your personality. From our premium collection that provides extremely durable construction and inspirational design to our line of vinyl that ensures maximum convenience while still providing seamless flooring in the appearance of wood or stone, our vinyl options are sure to transform your kitchen, bathroom, office and more.

Vinyl For Your Commercial Space

Given its durability, versatility and style, vinyl flooring is a perfect choice in commercial settings as well. Whether you’d like to set your office space apart with bold colours in zigzag patterns, make a statement with a bold graphic texture or cultivate your reputation for sophistication, Factory Direct Carpets can help you select the vinyl flooring that will complement your vision.